Saturday, March 19, 2005

"The Sphinx Without a Secret" by Oscar Wilde

"One afternoon I was sitting outside the Café de la Paix, watching the splendor and shabbiness of Parisian life... " So begins Wilde's sparkling little tale. Read by Sebastian Stuart.

This is one of Oscar Wilde's various and varied short stories, which are often overshadowed by his many plays, poems, and of course The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Novelist, actor, playwright, humorist, and all-around bon vivant Sebastian Stuart's last book was The Mentor. Buy it today to help mend his wayward ways.


governor said...

Excellent! Man, I'd recommend switching to one a week rather than one a day. Don't want to see you get burned out.

I started doing something similar on my podcast page. Although this week I forgot to convert to a lower bit rate, so my audio file is freaking huge.

My question in recording the written word has been ~ should I attempt to "act out" the dialogue I am reading? I have been doing what you are doing which is above simple reading but a few steps short of voice acting.

Scoot said...

Thanks for the kind comment! You're right about burn-out; we'll see how long we'll last at this rate--but at least hope to keep posting semi-regularly for some time.

What's your podcast page? We'd like to look it up--and welcome to the club. Files that are 48KBPS but still 44kHz sound best to us, but are still very small.

As to reading the written word--it seems the story tells you how to read it while you're reading it, if that makes any sense. Some stories, such as "Goneril" here, are more dramatic, others are more subdued. Whatever the case may be, we're not experts or professionals and just try to give the stories the best they deserve. In fact, we'd like to go back and redo some of the ones we rushed or flubbed too much.

Thanks again for listening--we hope you'll stick around.