Sunday, March 13, 2005

Celebrating our first three days

Well, not really much to celebrate yet except those kind souls who have given this site a look and perhaps even listened to a story or two. Thanks! And thanks to those who helped us put this site together despite our having absolutely no experience with podcasts and very little experience with blogging or building websites.

A few notes about this site:

1) All readings are by amateurs, at least in the sense that none of us are professional readers, and so we make our mistakes and none of them are edited out. Friends and strangers are encouraged to read for us, but at this time we don't want to ask for submissions, due to too many issues to go into here.

2) All these short stories are presumed to be out of copyright, and even if found not to be, one should realize these readings are good advertisements (we hope) to go out and spend money on the books they come from, so why sue us? In time, we hope to include some original work of our own, if people don't mind, though we don't mean for this to be a vanity project. Just skip any stories that might offend you!

3) Selections are made entirely by random--that is, whatever we happen to think of reading that day. There is no attempt here, nor would it be possible, to cover the whole range of genres and nationalities and ethnicities of authors we love. Don't be surprised if there are a lot of dead white men here, if only because those are the authors easiest to find out of copyright and in most abundant supply.

4) Information within the file tags is as accurate as possible, but likely to be incorrect considering how we're dating these stories and which collections they come from. We also try to keep all written posts here as short as possible, so of course the "blurbs" are only as revealing as such short blurbs can be.

5) We encourage you to go out and beg, borrow, or steal the books these stories are from--being read to is nice, but reading on your own has its own rewards, doesn't it? And besides, the voice you hear in your head is bound to be closer to the author's than any reader could hope to emulate.

6) Oh, yes--and this site is exclusively for short stories. That means fiction only, and as short as possible ("possible" being open to debate). Sorry to disappoint anyone looking for something more exciting. Could there be anything more exciting, though?

--Scoot & Jones the Mascot Dog

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