Thursday, March 17, 2005

"Goneril" by Karel Čapek

King Lear's "wicked" daughter finally has her say. Read by Scoot.

This soliloquy, translated by Dora Round, is from Čapek's highly amusing book of sketches based on famous people real and imagined, Apocryphal Tales. However, the Czech writer is best known for having popularized the term "robot"* (from his play R.U.R.) and for his unparalleled novel, War with the Newts.

(*It was Karel's brother, the painter and writer Josef, who actually invented the word "robot.")


miette said...

Good picks all around... but fantastic selection today! Lovely redesign, by the way, and thanks for the link, which I'll reciprocate as soon as I can spare a breath. Keep doing what you do, it's noticed and appreciated. --Mtte.

Scoot said...

Thank you so much! We hope any visitor to this site will check out your own, as well. Great selections, lovely readings.