Friday, March 03, 2006

"The Tuesday Night Club" by Agatha Christie which we are introduced to the author's greatest character and perhaps most unlikely detective, sweet old Miss Jane Marple. No surprise that this story contains both arsenic and a little bit of old lace, for it's the first time the public will meet Raymond West's aunt in the quaint little village which seems to have more than its share of mysteries and those quaint souls intent on solving them. Read by Scoot. Time 23:45.

Go, you--there are plenty of places where you can find out more about Miss Agatha Christie, far better places than this. (Though we will hint here at the story of her kidnapping, which we've always loved, whether it was a hoax or not; it just seems so fitting.) Surely the bookstore or library nearest you will have a whole shelf or two fitted out with some of the many mysteries of Dame Agatha. So, if this story is the kind of thing you like, stop reading this and get to those volumes as soon as you can!


Anonymous said...

Good Write up

Read My article
Why Do I love Agatha Christie

Marc said...

anon- are you foreign?

Scoot said...

Perhaps we should ask, "Foreign to what?" It's all relative, isn't it?

Anyway, Anonymous or SM, thanks for the encouragement and for the interesting article about Agatha Christie. Never be ashamed of what you enjoy reading--there is room for all kinds of literature in our lives, from Gysin to Christie and beyond.

Marc said...

Whoops. I didn't mean to come across as being antagonistic. I was just curious about the mix of vocabulary and syntax/grammar in that post.
As for the "Miss Marple fiasco," that's just me kidding around. It's excatly as you stated: Even a sweet tooth can choke on too much sugar .

Scoot said...

Don't worry, Marc--we didn't take your comment that way. Our guess is that "anon" is from India, which may or may not be foreign to you. For better or worse, we're glad to have Miss Marple visit our pages!