Sunday, January 01, 2006

A new year, a new beginning....


"Stories to Go" is back. After over two months of computer breakdowns which led to virtual nervous breakdowns, we are glad to finally start publishing again. We will try to stay on a schedule of one story a day every three days, with short descriptions of the story, its author, and its reader (when necessary). Eventually we hope to go back and fill in the gaps of previous stories and dates, providing the information and synopses (however short) of all we've been promising.

Thanks to all the readers who have contributed to this site over the past nine months, which allowed us to rest our voices and provide some much-needed variety here. Thanks most to all the listeners who have been tuning in over the past year--for your support, your good wishes, your kind messages, and your willing ears. As a well-known fast-food franchise used to say, "we do it all for you!"

Sorry to those who have had problems with downloading--these are continuing issues, most often with Apple computers, which are beyond our control. All we can suggest is that anyone experiencing problems retry downloading at another time, stream the story off our site or other sites which link from us, look for the podcast on iTunes, or try another computer. We can't go door to door fixing problems, however much we'd like to give personalized readings everywhere!


Marc said...

Thank you guys!
I found this site right before you disappeared, and I was getting nervous that I would only have the archives (which I then immediately pillaged) left to enjoy. But you are back, so I can breathe a huge sigh of relief.
This effort has added a small new dimension to my life, helps me expand my knowledge of great authors, discover new ones, and inspire me to get back to many of my old favorites.
Taking the train to work and college is a little easier these days! (although not during the strike: that was a nightmare!)

Again, thanks a million.
And if there is a way I could help, perhaps by suggesting titles or even reading some, please let me know.

Scoot said...

How extraordinarily nice of you to send your appreciation our way! We are really happy that we have devoted followers out there like you. And so much the better if we're making anyone's commute just a little more tolerable.

We always like getting suggestions from listeners, and try to comply if we have the collection in our library and if it's short enough (also, if it seems appropriate). We haven't had anyone email us their own reading yet, but it's something we're willing to try, so why not?

Thanks again for tuning in--and here's hoping there are fewer strikes and more stories in our future.