Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Woes Gutenberg never dreamt of

Hello, all! We recently posted this reply to a kind would-be listener who is having problems downloading the mp3 files from this site. If you're having similar woes, please let us know--we're hoping to fix anything that needs fixed soon:

Kind Listener,

... We are very sorry to hear you're having problems downloading stories from the site. Other people have reported similar problems in the past, so you are probably not the only one still having problems. We really couldn't tell you why these problems have occurred; maybe it's our server's fault, or maybe something we've done wrong. Nevertheless, we'll look into the issue some more (last we tried, things were still working fine--for us) and give an update on the site itself. We've been considering a move to another provider (as long as it's cheap or free), and if we do so, we hope these problems will cease. In the meantime, try again maybe at another time of day or by another means and let us know if you've had any success. It's very important that we deliver the promised goods, such as they are!

One more idea: have you tried or are you presently using a podcast "aggregator"? Maybe this is either the cause or the solution to the problem. We'll try checking into this, too, although we're away from home for the summer and these things take time... Good luck with future downloads--and keep listening, if you can!

Scoot, Stories to Go

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Scoot said...


We just got mail from a listener saying he has problems not with downloading the files from this site, but from trying to listen to a complete story over iTunes--it seems the stories are cut off before they're done. Here's part of our reply to him:

Although I (Scoot) haven't used iTunes before, I just tried it on a Mac nearby, and though I didn't have time to listen to a story all the way through, it did at least come through loud and clear--though I suspect the whole file might not have worked. I really can't say what the problem is--bit rate? file size? format?--but it must be something in iTunes itself (and possibly other aggregators) if they download on their own (off the website itself) complete and intact.

I guess I'll have to install iTunes on my own computer when I get a chance (I'm typing this at a local library, since I'm out of town for the summer) and try to figure out what the problem might be. In the meantime, I'll try to see if other people are having similar problems with other podcasts on the web.

Is it the aggregator, the player, the website, or the files themselves? This might become a real case of "did the chicken or the egg come first?"

Still working on these problems when we can,