Saturday, June 18, 2005

"The Shape of Things" by Truman Capote

A sad, quiet story about the not-so-great side of the so-called "Greatest Generation" of World War II. Strangers on a train. An American South much more gritty than "gothic." A study in style--and substance. Read by Scoot.

Truman Capote--surely you know Truman! From the day he had stories accepted by three magazines at once to the day he died in 1984, he was just as much of a character, eventually beloved by talk-show hosts and discriminating readers alike, as any of the many eccentrics he wrote about. We will not mention the famous lisp or the famous fedoras. Or even all that bad press he got from his friends in the Hamptons and Studio 54. We will state that the new collected stories is a must-have and will prove once and for all that despite all the smoke-screens he was one damned fine writer. (Though we'll never figure out Beat the Devil.)


Anonymous said...

"File not found" error for the Truman Capote story. Eeeek!

Scoot said...

We are very sorry--somehow this story has been lost and we won't be able to fix it while on the road. In the meantime, look above for something new, apologies for the frustration, and thanks for beng patient!