Sunday, April 17, 2005

"Serafim" by Tatyana Tolstaya

Serafim is one of the seraphim--or it could all be in his imagination. Our author lets the reader decide that in this story of transformation--and no redemption--in the best Ovidian tradition. What we do know is that Serafim loathes every single person and every earthly thing--even cute little dogs! Read by Scoot.

Tatyana Tolstaya came to the United States to teach for a while--and now divides her time between the States and Russia, where she is a very well-known writer and also cohost of a TV show called "School for Scandal." Primarily a short-story writer, her novel Kys' has not yet been translated into English. Her work is rich and musical and sensual, in the best Russian tradition (see Nabokov).

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