Sunday, March 27, 2005

"The Haile Selassie Funeral Train" by Guy Davenport

Note: Podcast removed.

On this surrealistic train ride that seems to encompass several lands and decades, you'll meet James Joyce, Guillaume Apollinaire, a few spearmen in scarlet capes, and other assorted personages gathered for this not-so-solemn affair. Read by Scoot. (This time you'll hear him mispronounce not just English words, but words from several other languages, as well. Including what should be pronounced Hi-lee.)

Guy Davenport, one of our favorite writers and critics, died recently, and so we dedicate this reading to his memory. His extremely erudite, historically complicated, and ingeniously formulated short stories are truly not like any others. Though not always the easiest of reads or read-alouds, their diverse styles and themes make even his slightest offerings richly rewarding tours de force. He was also quite a fine illustrator of his own works, as well.


Anonymous said...

Sad this one had to be removed!

A Reader said...

Right... this author won't get any more free advertising, and I somehow don't feel like buying any more of his books.